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I'm Aishverya.

I'm a UX Designer, Data Storyteller, and former Full-stack Developer

who loves ideation and visualization process

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Some of the clients I have worked with

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Selected Work


About Me


Aishverya Agarwal
UX Designer

Dedicated to solving complex problems, I am an expert in the ideation phase and in visual communication with previous experience as a full-stack developer.

My current role enables me to assist the company tax domain with

value propositions and internal applications by bringing data-intensive & complex problems to life through visualization and information design

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Sep'21 - Present

Ernst and Young GDS

Senior UX Designer

Feb'19 - Sep'21

Capgemini SE

Data Storytelller/UX Designer

Jun'19 - Feb'20

Xelpmoc Design and Tech

Interaction Designer

Jun'16- Feb'19

Tata Consultancy Service

Full-stack Web Developer

I love pushing myself to the limits and beyond

I am deeply passionate about understanding people's problems and helping them in whatever way I can, whether through products, digital applications, or intangible solutions. I'm fascinated by people in crowded places, although many say the same about isolated, remote places. However, for me, it's like listening to multiple stories at once and observing how they interact with their surroundings. I love people & their stories, hence my social media is filled with illustrations, pictures, and poems of people.

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illustrating all the way...

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Thank you for reaching out! Aishverya will get back to you shortly.

Let's create something together!

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